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Brake-O-Rama How to Speak “Car”


At Brake-O-Rama, we understand that too often the terms used by automotive technicians are too technical for the average customer. Which is why we’ve created this glossary of automotive and automotive maintenance terms to help customers translate the “car” spoken by technicians.
Additive – Any of a number of chemical products designed to clean or enhance the performance of an automotive system.
Air Conditioner Recharge – A service wherein new refrigerant is added to a vehicle’s air conditioning system. Over time, refrigerant may leak out of a vehicle AC system, diminishing its effectiveness and leaving drivers hot under the collar. At Brake-O-Rama, our technician also perform a leak test on the a/c system. There’s little use topping off the refrigerant if it will only leak back out.
Air Filter – Removes dust and other particulate matter from the air before it is introduced into the engine to be mixed with fuel and combusted. Because these tiny particles can act like miniature sandpaper inside an engine, wearing away at critical components, most automakers recommend routine air filter replacement.
Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) – This is a modern brake system that prevents the tires from locking up, even during hard braking, and rendering the car uncontrollable. Most modern cars come standard with ABS. Tip: Don’t “pump” the brakes on an ABS-equipped car.
Instead, push the brake pedal as hard as you can while also attempting to steer around any obstacles.
Antiskid System – A computerized system that attempts to prevent a car from skidding sideways by either slowing the engine, automatically working one or more brakes, or a combination of the two. Also known as an electronic stability system.
ATF – Automatic transmission fluid. The fluid that is used in modern automatic transmissions. Acts as a lubricant, a hydraulic fluid and a coolant. Most vehicles will require at least one ATF service during their lifetime. Check your owners manual for the correct interval.
Beam Blade – A new type of wiper blade that uses a pre-formed plastic frame instead of a metal frame to stretch a wiper blade across a windshield. Beam blades provide uniform wiping pressure and a generally superior wiping action than conventional wiper blades. Many also feature built-in airfoils designed to keep the wiper blades flush with the windshield at highway speeds.
Brake Fluid Flush – A maintenance service that removes all of a car’s old brake fluid via a machine that essentially vacuums the fluid from the system. The same machine then forces new fluid into the system, eliminating air bubbles that can cause brakes to feel “spongy.”
Breather – A filtered opening in an engine’s valve cover that allows the PCV to draw filtered air through the crankcase. Less common on newer vehicles, but a component that requires routine replacement on older cars.
Cabin Air Filter – A new type of filter that removes dust, smog and other airborne contaminants from the air entering your car’s passenger compartment. Generally require replacement every 15,000 miles. Note that some upscale cabin air filters come with a layer of activated charcoal that can even remove odors from the air coming into your car.
Coolant Flush – A service offered by many automotive maintenance and repair facilities that uses a machine to forcefully extract, or flush, old coolant from a vehicle’s engine. New coolant is then forced throughout the system, ensuring that most old, spent coolant will be replaced.
CV Boot – A plastic or rubber boot that covers the constant velocity (CV) joint on many front-wheel-drive cars. The boot prevents dirt and debris from coming into contact with the CV joint, a factor that can shorten the life of the joint and necessitate its replacement. If found to be cracked or frayed, it is recommended that CV boots be replaced.
CVT – Continuously Variable Transmission. A new type of transmission similar to an automatic transmission, this device contains no gears. Instead, on most CVTs power is transferred via a belt-and-pulley system. CVT fluid is the lubricant used in CVTs. Note that CVT fluid is vastly different than ATF, and ATF can not be used in a CVT.
Differential – A device that transfers torque (rotational energy) from the engine to the drive wheels. Allows each wheel to turn at a unique speed (crucial when the car is turning) while still supplying equal torque. Most differentials use a dedicated gear oil that is heavier than motor oil, and most differentials will require at least one fluid change during a vehicle’s life span.
Also known as a final drive unit or colloquially as a “gearbox.” Tip: It is very important to have the differential oil changed if your car has been driven through deep water, as even a little water that finds its way into the differential can cause lasting damage.
Emissions – The exhaust gas that comes from your vehicle. Many states require emissions testing to ensure vehicles meet clean air standards.
Engine – The mechanical motor that powers your car. The number of cylinders an engine has is important, as generally the more cylinders the more powerful the engine. Cylinders are typically arranged in a line, such as an “inline four-cylinder engine” or “inline six-cylinder engine,” or in a V-shape, with the same number of cylinders on each side of the V, as in a V6 engine with two banks of three cylinders for six total or a V8 engine with two banks of four cylinders for eight total.
Fuel Filter – A filter that cleans your car’s fuel before it is injected into the engine, removing any contaminants or particulate matter. Many automakers recommend replacing the fuel filter at dedicated intervals. Check your owners manual for more information.
Fuel Injector – A device that sprays a measured amount of fuel into a vehicle’s engine. Most cars on the road today have individual injectors for each engine cylinder. Injectors can, over time, become clogged, restricting the spray pattern and hampering engine performance. Brake-O-Rama can perform a fuel injector cleaning service that will restore performance.
Grease – A thick lubricant that is applied to many components on a car, including wheel bearings, steering shaft, drive shaft and suspension components. Many older vehicles had numerous grease fittings that required fresh grease at every oil change, but most newer vehicles only require grease at one or two spots, if at all.
Headlight Restoration – A service offered by many automotive repair and maintenance facilities that can help drivers see better at night. Over time, sunlight, atmospheric ozone and road grit can combine to oxidize the plastic headlight lenses used on most cars.
This service removes that yellow haze, improving not only the vehicle’s appearance, but also the headlights’ effectiveness.
High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlights – A type of headlight becoming standard on many luxury vehicles. HID headlights generate light by discharging electricity through a noble gas, typically xenon (many HID headlights are also known as “Xenon Headlights”). HID headlights are smaller and more powerful than conventional headlights.
High-Mileage Motor Oil – A type of motor oil specially designed for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles. This motor oil provides better resistance to burn off, and also contains conditioners that help keep an engine’s seals and gaskets in good working order.
Hybrid – A vehicle that uses a combination gasoline or diesel engine and electric motor to provide power. Most “conventional” or “parallel” hybrids use an electric motor to power the vehicle at low speeds and to provide a boost when more power is needed; generally on these vehicles, both the gasoline/diesel engine and motor are tied to a common transmission. So-called “series” hybrid vehicles will use a small gasoline/diesel engine as a generator, making electricity that will power electric drive motors. The forthcoming Chevrolet Volt will be one of the first such vehicles to use series hybrid power.
Interval – The mileage- or date-based requirement at which a maintenance service should be performed. Maintenance intervals vary by manufacturer, model and vehicle usage. Most automakers recommend a routine oil change every few thousand miles or several months. Check your owners manual for the correct maintenance intervals for your vehicle.
Knock – The premature detonation of the fuel/air mixture in an engine’s cylinder, generally caused by using gasoline whose octane level is too low for the engine. Most vehicles today use anti-knock sensors to control the phenomenon. Tip: If your car calls for “premium” gasoline, don’t skimp by buying regular. The lower octane rating can make your engine knock or decrease its power.
LOF – Automotive maintenance industry jargon for “lube, oil and filter.” Essentially a basic oil change.
Multipoint Inspection – A comprehensive inspection of a vehicle’s main systems. Most automotive maintenance facilities perform these inspections, which can cover anywhere from a dozen to several dozen components and fluid levels, as part of a full-service oil change. Many times, our Brake-O-Rama technicians conducting a multipoint inspection can find problems early, allowing customers to take corrective action before a very expensive repair is needed.
Nitrogen Tire Inflation – The increasingly common practice of inflating vehicle tires with pure nitrogen. Used by the heavy-duty trucking industry for years, nitrogen does not leak from a tire as rapidly as regular compressed air. In addition, by removing oxygen from the inside of the tire, oxidation of steel, aluminum, rubber, etc. is reduced, increasing tire life.
Oil Pan – A thin-walled container at the bottom of an engine where oil is stored before being filtered and pumped back inside the engine. Most oil is drained from the oil pan by removing the drain plug.
Overhead-Cam Engine – Also known as OHC or DOHC (for dual overhead-cam engine), this is an engine configuration where the camshaft that actuates the engine’s valves is located atop the engine rather than inside. Typically, these engines are more efficient than the overhead valve (OHV) engines found in most vehicles through the early 1990s. Note most OHC engines use a timing belt to drive the camshafts and keep them in perfect timing with the engine. High-mileage vehicles (those with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer) should have the timing belt checked to ensure it is in good condition, as a broken timing belt can cause severe damage to valves, pistons and other internal engine components.
PCV Valve – Positive crankcase ventilation valve. A one-way valve that ensures gases are evacuated from inside a vehicle’s engine crankcase and fed back into the air entering the engine, reducing emissions from the vehicle. A plugged or malfunctioning PCV system will eventually damage an engine, which is why many automakers recommend periodic replacement of the PCV valve.
Power Steering Flush – A service offered at many automotive maintenance and repair facilities that uses a machine to “evacuate” or flush old power steering fluid from a vehicle’s power steering system. The same machine then forces new fluid into the system, ensuring that most of the power steering fluid is replaced. A few automakers recommend this service as a part of their maintenance schedules.
Radiator Flush – See “Coolant Flush.”
Serpentine Belt – A rubber or composite belt that wraps around the various accessories on a vehicle’s engine (i.e. power steering pump, air conditioner compressor, alternator, etc.) and uses engine torque to power these components. Most serpentine belts will require replacement at least once during a vehicle’s life span.
Severe Driving – A misnomer used by many automakers in the past to describe driving conditions. Until recently, most automakers described driving as “normal” or “severe,” though “severe” driving was described as repeated short trips in heavy city traffic, something applicable to a majority of drivers. Drivers operating under severe conditions were advised to have maintenance services performed more frequently than those operating primarily under “normal” conditions, defined as primarily steady-state highway driving. Today, many automakers refer to severe driving as “special operating conditions.”
Shock/Strut – Hydraulic dampers that help control and smoothen the vertical and horizontal motion experienced by a car as it travels. Worn shocks or struts will sometimes squeak and may allow a car’s ride to become “bouncy.”
Spark Plug – An engine component that uses electricity to create a spark, igniting the fuel/air mixture inside the engine’s combustion chamber. Generally, engines have at least one spark plug per cylinder. Most automakers recommend replacing spark plugs at least once during a vehicle’s life span. Check your owners manual for the proper replacement interval.
Synthetic Motor Oil – A motor oil manufactured from advanced base oil and additives that generally outperforms conventional motor oil. Provides the ultimate in protection for modern engines. Especially useful in very hot or cold conditions.
Tire Rotation – A service that improves tire life by swapping a car’s front and rear tires, often crisscrossing the tires, as well. Brake-O-Rama recommend this service every 7,500 miles.
TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System. A government-mandated safety system that constantly monitors the tire pressure on late-model vehicles and alerts drivers if tire pressure falls below a safe threshold. The TPMS usually has to be reset with a special tool or procedure after a vehicle’s tires are removed for service.
Traction Control – A system that controls wheelspin on slippery surfaces. Sensors determine if the drive wheels have lost traction, and the car’s computer either applies the brakes to stop wheelspin or reduces the throttle.
Tune-Up – A service offered by Brake-O-Rama that ensures an engine is in peak operating condition. Most modern tune-ups consist of changing the engine’s spark plugs, installing a new serpentine belt, and inspecting the engine’s various systems for signs of damage or leaks.
Turbocharger – Essentially an “air pump” that uses exhaust gases to spin a small air compressor, allowing more air to enter an engine and increasing potential power output. Superchargers operate on the same concept, only they use an engine-driven belt instead of exhaust gas to spin the compressor.
Variable Valve Timing – Also known as VVT. A system that uses a computer to automatically alter the valve timing (i.e. the rate at which the valves open and close) of an engine to produce maximum efficiency.
Water-Repellent Glass Treatment – A service that applies a thin coat of water-repellent chemical to a vehicle’s windshield, allowing water to more easily be wiped or blown away and improving vision.
Wheel Balancing – A service that ensures a vehicle’s wheels are balanced, or perfectly weighted to reduce rotational vibrations that are often felt as a “shimmy” in the steering wheel at highway speeds. Generally requires tires to be removed from vehicle to be balanced.
Zerk – A grease fitting where grease is added to a vehicle. See “Grease.”

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

PioneerStartups and Mr. Silber's Brilliant Business Manuvers

The first step is indeed the most difficult one, so it’s always interesting to read about how successful people got their first big break. What’s even more interesting, however, is to observe how such people then go one to replicate their success, especially in fields other than the one they first started out in. Take the case of one Zalman Silber, for example. Mr. Silber is one of those millionaire-next-door types, the undercover-rich, so to speak. He lives quietly and modestly, but is a success many times over by any estimation. Let’s review his career so far.
Mr. Silber started out like you or me, anyone who works a typical nine-to-five job. His first success was in the employment of others, as one of the top-performing agents for New York Life Insurance. But he didn’t go on to make Vice President or something – he simply went on to found his own company, a successful nine-million-a-year venture called Skyride.
It’s an amusement ride the same as any other you can find in theme parks around the world, the sort with super-large IMAX-type high-definition video and special moving platforms that are synchronized to the actions on-screen. In the case of Skyride, a twenty-to-thirty minute program that costs anywhere from twenty to thirty bucks, viewers are taken on a simulated helicopter tour of New York City with narration provided by actor Kevin Bacon. Buzzing all the famous iconic landmarks, this ride is located in one of the most famous such places of all, the Empire State Building, making for great exposure and guaranteed business.
From there, Mr. Silber went on to duplicate the idea for the Sydney Tower in Australia, with the Skywalk and Oztrek rides, and the Eureka Tower in Melbourne, featuring The Edge, a glass cube that projects out of the structure so that occupants are standing three hundred feet above ground level. Interestingly, Mr. Silber’s business interests changed in response to his successes, and he got involved in the marketing and money management fields. One easily imagines these new start-up ventures a result of his own growing success: The money management company for high-worth individuals and institutions arising from personal needs for similar financial expertise, perhaps, and the targeted marketing company arising from a need for promoting his amusement rides.
Thus has this millionaire-next-door found his way from one success to another. What’s next? It seems that Mr. Silber is beginning to retire to a life of philanthropy – his next venture!

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"Who Stole The Moon?"

"Who Stole the Moon?" The top-rated interactive children's book extends the horizon for languages!

Windy Press has released an updated version of its popular interactive book for children — "Who Stole The Moon?". The story can now be read and heard in 17 different languages. You can read it on the iPad and iPhone (special edition with enlarged font).

Chicago-based, Windy Press International Publishing House, LLC has released an update, (version 1.3), of its top-rated interactive musical book for children, "Who Stole The Moon?". It contains yet another language: Danish. Altogether, the story can now be read and heard in 17 different languages! Thanks to the redesigning of the pages and large font, the story is now available not only on the iPad, but on the iPhone as well.
*** Interactive book "Who Stole the Moon?" for iPad and for iPhone! ***
"Who Stole the Moon?" is an interactive musical picture book application. The fairy tale "Who Stole the Moon?" was written by the British writer Helen Stratton-Would and illustrated by well-known Russian artist Vlad Gerasimov. It's a story about little Bertie, who dreamed about becoming an astronaut. He loved to watch the moon shining through his skylight window every night as he lay in bed. One evening, though, the moon didn't appear in the sky.

"Who Stole the Moon?" With this serious question, "detective" Bertie set out on his adventure. Join Bertie on his quest with this charming bedtime story that will gently nurture your child's imagination and send them off into the magical world of dreams.

With the interactive book "Who Stole the Moon?", Windy Press makes an innovative step in creating a completely new genre in digital publishing — the e-musical. In addition to fine illustrations, vivid animation, as well as 4 mini-games, the book includes 8 original songs, performed by award-winning American children's singer Susie Tallman and well-known Australian musician Richard Pleasance. "Who Stole the Moon?" is available in many widely-spoken languages across the world and is narrated by professional actors.

The 17 languages with professional narrators include: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Ukrainian, Czech, Turkish, Afrikaans.
— Editor's Choice Award by the Children's Technology Review
— #1 among top the 10 most interesting interactive children's apps for Apple gadgets. — Listed by Forbes
— 5+1 Stars and Gold Award for Excellent Children's App by Kinder App Garten (Germany)

*** Overview of "Who Stole the Moon?" ***
Title: "Who Stole the Moon?" Published by: Windy Press International Publishing House, LLC. Release date: March 05, 2012. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Price: US $4.99 for iPad, US $2.99 for iPhone.
Free Lite version also available (In-App Purchase: US $4.99/ US $2.99 accordingly)
iTunes AppStore:
Full iPad version:
Free iPad version:
Full iPhone version:
Free iPhone version:
*** Company website with promotional videos ***
Book page:
Media Kit:
Company site:

*** About the Company ***
Windy Press is an international innovative publishing house headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It's primary direction is the publication of interactive e-books for children and adults. Windy Press publications feature rich animated illustrations combined with original songs and mini games. At the heart of the unique "book musicals" of Windy Press lies an original cross-platform book engine. This technology gives new life to books that are both entertaining and educational. As the founder of the e-musical genre, Windy Press takes its special place among the pioneers of the digital publishing revolution.

*** Press Release Contact Information ***
Yuri Mezenko
Windy Press International Publishing House, LLC
P.O. Box 1541
Warrenville, IL 60555
Voice: (+1) 630-699-5832

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"I became them" Brilliant new poetry by Shainur Ullah

When I studied them, I became interested
When I became interested, I heard of them
When I heard of them, I saw them
When I saw them, I met them
And when I met them, I became them.

By Shainur Ullah


I like this exploration of how things influence us, and how it means that we become at total of all the experiences we have, whether we like it or not. A great concise shwoing of how that happens. Well Done!

This is brilliant and insightful! I wouldn't change a thing. It is exactly how i feel when I discover a new (well,new to me) branch of history, new genre of books, or a form of art. Thank you for expressing that feeling of oneness to every new study in life

This is how it all works!! Getting to the bottom of things requires getting there first, once there one becomes one with them. I am impressed by this relatively simple equation that you have put in place which is both effective and true at all times.

You have a great gift for capturing much in the smallest of nets. One is then left to marvel at the valuable treasures therein. Excellent write and read!!! applauded

Simple but efficient ! It pictures the stages one could go through once introduced to particular knowledge that one finds interest in , I suppose and when i met them ,i became them could be interpreted as the influence someone had upon you in a positive way .It could also be though them you identified something that you desired in life and wanted so badly to have .Once you saw that it is achieveble "i became them " .It.s as if when we see something we want in others we try to copy them or imitate them so we can have what they have to ! Hope this makes sense !

the poem can be interpreted in a dark foreboding sense or in the Sufi tradition of 'Oneness'. 

This is an interesting introspection into the social structure and process behind the scenes of life. Very true and to the point. Nicely done.

Cancer Girl

Cancer girl is about a girl with blood cancer and when she falls in love, her cancer gets cured and when they break up her cancer comes back.

I published this on wattpad, I am not getting paid for the short story, but I would love readers and people to comment and like and I have faith this short story will affect a lot of people in a good way as cancer is a huge killer and we all know a person with cancer, or died from cancer that we wished were cured.

I'd love for you to spread this short story around and hope to make people feel better, again I get no profit but if i see people commenting and liking and just getting the recognition and seeing they are happy is enough for me.

It is sort of a fairy tale, but a 21st century fairy tale, with cancer being the plague and love is the cure. My aim is to make you happy and I would love it if you spread this short story, cancer girl to any effected familes dealing with cancer or someone who has cancer, i want to put hope and faith in them.

Read it for yourself and let your heart melt:

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800 Calorie HCG Diet for 2013 Offers a Money Back Guarantee

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Dehydrated dog food, why your dog needs this healthy dog food?

Dehydrated dog food, why your dog needs this healthy dog food?

What is Dehydrated dog food?
Dehydrated dog food is in its simplest form is referred to as dry dog food, but only until warm water is added to the dehydrated dog food mix and then the resulting dog food mix becomes a biologically appropriate dog food with the exact amount of water content recommended by the dog food nutritional experts, the added advantage on this dehydrated dog food is that the amount of water contained in the biologically appropriate dog food is in the exact amount of 70%, and this water content is the perfect for the individual dog’s metabolism as any less or more water content can be a cause for nutritional problems in the future – possibly liver and / or kidney problems, all dog food mixes must be represented of the dog’s natural dietary requirements which should as close as possible to the meat-eating diet of its carnivores descendants and this hydrated dog food – dehydrated dog food when mixed with the exact amount of water decidedly is replicated by as perfect a diet only as an alternative to eating a biologically appropriate raw diet – which in its self very difficult to assess exact proportions to suit the dogs dietary needs, so the first choice the dog nutritional experts would recommend is the biologically appropriate raw diet, which is at best very difficult to replicate, the perfect alternative for the dogs dietary needs would be the correctly hydrated dehydrated dog food.

What is Good About Dehydrated Dog Food?
The main advantage of feeding your family dog Dehydrated Dog Food is that the manufacturing process is consistent and specific, and the advantage lies in the fact that the dehydrated dog food has not been processed at high temperatures which has protected the essential nutrient, essential mineral and other essential vitamins content of the Hydrated dog food mix, so the essential ingredients that is so essential for the long term nutritional needs for your family dog is importantly safeguarded.

Dehydrated dog food remains the closest to the essential ingredients of any manufactures dog food, because the essential ingredients of the dehydrated raw dog food remains in perfect condition so that the family dog benefit from the essential trace elements which is not destroyed in the manufacturing heating process and this range of dehydrated raw dog food is the best choice of dog food that a caring dog lover can give to their family dog, it is recommended that all family dogs should be fed the best and highest quality of dog food that perfectly replicates the natural food of the meat-eating carnivore and gives the family dog the essential minerals, essential vitamins and the essential trace elements, and avoid all other processed dog foods and the reasons are explained for you in the paragraph below.

Processed dog food in comparison to dehydrated dog food – in its raw state, is actually forced to be heat processed because of the un-nutritious and potential harmful bacteria which is very likely mixed in with processed dog food – the un-sterilized waste animal innards, the crushed waste bones with added un-natural ingredients so as to bind all of the mixed processed dog food together – in essence with all of the un-savoury ingredients contained within the processed dog food, then the extreme heating process used throughout the manufacturing process is entirely necessary to ensure the destruction of the possibly harmful bacteria, and it is for this reason alone that the processed dog food must be subject to very high temperatures so as to ensure that the potential harmful bacteria is destroying these essential trace elements even though the manufacturing process involves the destruction of essential ingredients the inferior processed dog food is still available and is being sold in the vast majority of the processed dog food departments of the Pet Supplies Stores.

What is the Advantages of Feeding Your Dog Dehydrated Dog Food?
As the first choice of dehydrated dog food from the dog nutritional experts are also based on the very important advantage of this type of food being very easily digestible and for the essential proteins which are readily available to the dog for example turkey, beef, chicken and fish in their own right are a luxury diet of the meat-eating carnivorous wild dogs, and with the added benefit from the naturally included essential minerals and the essential vitamins available to the dog in its natural state, then Dehydrated Dog Food is definitely the best choice and only second to the biologically appropriate raw dog food and this type of raw dog food is a difficult to formulate to the exact proportions of the various components relating to the various elements so the dog fed on the biologically appropriate dog food needs to replicate the exact combination of the daily essential nutrients, essential minerals, essential vitamins and exact proportions for bulk and reduction in the carbohydrate content – unless the dog is a working dog then the combinations need to be re-evaluated to suit. Dehydrated Dog Food is highly recommended for dog owners who received specific orders not to feed their dogs’ dog food with grain, and this is usually as a result of a transitional dog food after coming off a bland diet as a result of a Gastric Intestinal problem or even Pancreatitis and using Dehydrated Dog Food until capable of resuming their biologically appropriate raw dog food.

Is there a Set of Ingredients Contained in Dehydrated Raw Dog Food?
Yes, and to ensure you feed your dog the highest consistency of Dehydrated Raw Dog Food, then you need to ensure that the quality is consistent and the only sure way of ensuring the consistency of the dog food, check these ingredients is printed on the Hydrated Raw Dog Food Box – if shopping online for your hydrated raw dog food, then only shop at an online pet supplies store which offer an in-depth informational description of each pet supplies product – check out the DogSiteWorld Store and you will see that they offer an in-depth pet products description, with the honest reviews from previous buyers and their reviews are from pet lovers just like us, unfortunately there are many online dog supplies store who will offer very little product descriptions, so check the description before any online purchases, the List of ingredients is as follows:
• Dehydrated Turkey
• Organic Flaxseed
• Potatoes
• Carrots
• Celery
• Spinach
• Organic Coconut
• Apples
• Organic Kelp
• Eggs
• Bananas

The above ingredients are an excellent combination of raw foods in the natural form of dehydrated raw dog food – raw dog food which having been dried in its natural state with nothing added or nothing taken out by any processing method – un processed dog food; you will not get any better quality ingredients when the combination is in any type of prepared dog food especially when included within the recipe of Dehydrated Raw Dog Food, remember this type of dog food available at online pet stores will usually include a more extended range and there should be expected to have a wide selection and usually the descriptions will be more exact certainly when shopping at a leading online pet supplies store.

What do I Need to Know when Feeding my Dog Dehydrated Dog Food?
Feeding your dog a mixed diet of Dehydrated Dog Food is like any other mixture of dog food and essential and specific to all dry dog food mixes, and that is to ensure that by feeding your dog any dry dog mix you must ensure that the dog food mixture must be adequately softened by adding at least 70% water to the mix and ensure that all the dry ingredients are moistened and of a paste consistency and this fine mix will be perfect for the dog – the dog nutritional experts suggest to avoid a dog having unlimited access to dry dog food in its un-moistened state, and only feeding the correct amount on a daily basis.

Will You Separate Myth From Fact and Evidence with Dehydrated Dog Food 1?
There is one misconception that a dog who eats dry dehydrated dog food that their teeth will remain in perfect condition, unfortunately this is far from the truth, as the experts will argue that the only way for a dog to maintain an healthy set of teeth is that the dog will regularly participate in the shearing action from chewing on and biting bone-dense food, and it’s this consistent biting on dense bone type dog food that helps to maintain the cleaning action of the dog’s teeth.

Will You Separate Misconception From Fact and Evidence with Dehydrated Dog Food 2?
Another misconception is related to buying dog food which contains Grains, well Grains in dog food is only used to bulk up the dog food consistency with a cheap and plentiful ingredient, there is no evidence that dog food with grain is healthy, in fact many dog nutritional experts will warn against feeding your dog with dog food containing grain, as they recommend that all dog food given to your dog need to be grain-free and the ultimate dog food mix essential for your dogs’ health and well-being and the evidence suggests dehydrated raw dog food is the dog food mix which replicated the most natural dog food diet for your meat-eating carnivore.

References: (“Toxic pet food may have killed dozens of dogs”, (Simone Aquino and Benedito CorrĂȘa (2011). (Aflatoxins in Pet Foods: A Risk to Special Consumers, Aflatoxins - Detection, Measurement and Control, Dr Irineo Torres-Pacheco (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-711-6, InTech (Moss,)… Carnoviour